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Hello and welcome to my website Cooking With Tash. 

My name is Natasha and I would like to thank you so much for visiting my page. Here you will find delicious, quick, and healthy recipes that I have created over the years for my family to share with you. 

Some of us like art, fine wines, travelling, and antiques. I appreciate and enjoy all of those things but at the root of it all my passion lives with FOOD and so recipe creating and writing became my exciting hobby that I fell into while raising my two absolutely amazing daughters and working from home as the Business Administrator for my husband's business. 

My story line before that is simple.  I am the only child from a traditional Italian family where the roots of my European cooking style began.   

Before my husband and I got married I spent some time considering culinary school however I decided to go to business school and graduated with a Business Administration Diploma.  

My interest, desire and passion for cooking never ceased and so with any additional time I had in between my busy work schedule I would study food preparation, recipes and many culinary techniques.  

Once we settled into married life and had our first daughter an entire new culinary journey began.  My household became busier like most and so my goal each and every day was to create delicious, simple and quick recipes without the fuss and complication because after all, I like to simplify the complicated. 

I welcome you to join me on this journey as I continue to create and share recipes from our kitchen table to yours.  




Your grilled endive and tuna salad dish was absolutely delicious.  Your grilling tips were great and very helpful.  
Your instructional video was clear, concise and perfect for us.  We are so excited and looking forward to making 
your thin crust pizza next!  



I absolutely loved the Keto espresso chia pudding.  I had it for breakfast and felt like I was having dessert.  It was so filling and most of all I loved the crunch of the coconuts in the pudding. 


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